KOLEKT is part of BVRio Circular Action Hub's waste footprint solutions service. This service aims to support consumer goods companies to achieve their collection and recycling commitments in a verifiable, cost effective and socially inclusive manner.

Our services help your activities to be:

  • Effective - meet EPR and CSR targets

  • Compliant - meet international standards such as Verra, CCM, OBP.

  • Verifiable - transactions are designed to be verifiable by our partner auditors.

  • Traceable - digital handshakes allows full traceability of materials along the supply chain

  • Transformative - help map all stakeholders and raise wages for informal waste collectors

Our Clients:

Consumer Goods Companies & PROs
That need to monitor and incentivise specific post-consumer packaging collections and recycling for EPR compliance or internal collection targets.

Aiming to engage their community in collection and recycling.

NGOs and Clean-up campaigns
Working with teams to collect waste as well as monitor volumes achieved.

Community initiatives
Aiming to engage their communities in collection and recycling.

The Service

KOLEKT for Business gives users access via a dashboard to additional data and information contained within the app via a license.

Services for all licencees:

  1. Full & free use of the app by any user in any country in the world.

  2. Access to data and transactions in your country(s) and or materials. This includes:

    • All user data (except phone numbers)

    • Offers & requests (includes prices, materials, weights, dates, bids, etc)

    • Sales & purchases (includes buy & sell data, tracking of data)

    • CSV & Excel exports, map views.

    • <Examples will be added here soon. >

Exclusivity for a whole country:

Country exclusivity is possible depending on the number of active users engaged.

This includes:

      • Arranging a payment gateway so that users can 'cash-out' at ATM

      • Translation to new languages

      • Adding currencies

      • Adding your organisation's logo to the opening screen.

Technical Specifications

Robust and lean technologies

Hosting: Amazon Web Services

Database: Firebase, Google

Native Apps: Android & iOS

Maps: Google Maps (for Apps) & Open Street Maps (for Dashboard)

SMS services: Twilio


Free use of the KOLEKT app
Any organisation or person wanting to engage users in a waste value chain from waste generators (homes, shops, etc) all the way up to recyclers can distrubute and use the KOLEKT app for free. This is what KOLEKT was built for, to encourage communities to set up a waste collection ecosystem.

Free trial dashboard (1 month)
The KOLEKT dashboard which provides data access and information on transactions within a selected area or material, within one country can be trialled for free for a period of 1 month.

Regional or single material data access package
Organisations wanting access to specific transaction data can select a radius, or select collection centers or select a material on which they need reporting access to. The pricing for this package depends on several factors: type of organisation or project (commercial, non-profit); the number of users; the value of materials being transacted. Contact us to discuss a pricing package.

Nationwide exclusive package
Organisations wanting access to transaction data for a whole country on an exclusive basis can expect to pay Eur 20,000 per 50,000 users per year. For that country a new app will be released including the logo of the host organisation.

Extra charges (to be defined):
An extra language & currency
Connecting the App to ATM cash-out functionality
New feature development
All charges exclude costs for SMSs, map views, hosting and cash withdrawals.

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