Find, sell, buy, monitor, certify, and trade waste near you

KOLEKT, a BVRio initiative, is the world’s first multi-material global waste management app.
This innovative new free app brings together solid waste producers, collectors and recyclers.
Download for free and start trading recyclable materials today.


Available in English, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese, with more coming soon.

Offer and sell. Request and buy. View on map. Bid on offers. Earn points & withdraw cash.

Full functionality on smartphones. Trades and payments possible on function phones or with no mobile phone at all.

Map enabled search and location, to make finding your buyer/seller quick and easy.

KOLEKT for ...

Waste Generators

Offer or sell recyclable waste from homes, schools, shops and offices to connect with local collectors.


Find, buy and sell materials near you, connect with buyers & processors for better prices and nearer to you.


Connect with collectors to increase volumes of the materials you want to buy, and certify it for extra income.

Brand owners / PROs

Support collectors directly via KOLEKT to meet your waste recovery targets. Reduce your waste footprint measurably. See also "For business".

Countries, Languages & Materials

Languages & currencies

Countries: all countries.

Languages & Currencies:

English: USD, EUR, INR(Rs)

Portuguese: BRL(R$)

Bahasa Indonesia: IDR(Rp)

Vietnamese: VND

More available on request.


Materials available:
Plastics, Paper/Carton,
Beverage cartons, Metals,
Rubber, e-Waste, Glass, Foam,
Medical waste, Bio waste

Material conditions:
Clean, sorted, bagged, baled, contaminated, shredded, Mixed.